Celebrating Bird Migration

Ruddy Turnstone

DUTCH CARIBBEAN —  Each year, people young and old celebrate the migration of birds to, from and passing through our small islands. Migratory birds travel with the seasons and during the colder months of the year, many head to a more tropical latitude. Public awareness and support for these “travelers” is essential for their long time survival.

Pictured right, the Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres) is a well-known shore bird that migrates to our islands in large numbers during winter months. Photograph by Christian König: SHAPE/DCNA.

IMBD Materials

Thanks to the support of Birds Caribbean and Environment for the Americas, the parks and conservation organisations of the Dutch Caribbean are equipped with some of the latest and greatest bird education materials to support their migratory bird day events.

This migratory season the islands enjoyed bookmarks, bracelets, stickers, posters and booklets courtesy of Birds Caribbean and Environment for the Americas. These new materials add a great deal of excitement about migratory birds, especially for young people on the islands.

Statia Bird Watching

On St. Eustatius, for example, bird lessons were held with grades 5 and 6 from each primary school. These “bird lessons” are now one of the most popular lessons offered by STENAPA.

The Statia Junior Ranger after school program was able to conduct a migratory bird activity in the field, looking for and identifying the island visitors. Photograph right by STENAPA.

This knowledge and understanding for nature on our islands leads to a greater appreciation of its value.


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