Humboldt's Schomburgkia

(Myrmecophilia humboldtii)

Photo credit: © Hans Smulders

American flamingo

(Phoenicopterus ruber)

Photo credit: © Hans Smulders

Trust Fund Committee

Leendert van Driel (Chair Person)
Eric Matroos
Norman Kuiperi
Ron Gomes Cassares
Marion Kan

The Trust Fund Committee is responsible for:

• Overseeing and managing the DCNA Trust Fund
• Selection of an appropriate financial asset management companies
• Preparation and review of all necessary documentation
• Strategic decisions regarding investments and ethics ensuring at all times, that DCNA and its interests are best represented.
• Advice to Executive Committee requests

The DCNA conservation Trust Fund is intended to eventually provide enough revenue to cover essential operational support for each of the island Protected Area Management Organizations.

Passion Butterfly

(Agraulis vanillae)

Photo credit: © Hans Smulders

Executive Committee

Hellen van der Wal (Chair Person)
Kai Wulf (Secretary)
Erik Boman (Vice Chair)
Paul Stokkermans
Norman Kuiperi (Treasurer)
Ron van der Veer

The Executive Committee is responsible for:

• Overseeing and managing the affairs of DCNA between meetings
• Taking urgent decisions
• Liaising with the Finance Committee
• Ensuring that decisions of the Board are implemented and that the affairs of DCNA are conducted in a proper and efficient manner at all times
• Managing the day to day affairs of DCNA in the absence of the Executive Director

French angel fish

(Pomacanqhus paru)

Photo credit: © MMBockstael-Rubio

Finance Committee

Norman Kuipéri (Chair Person)
Paul Stokkermans
Eric Matroos
Emeray Martha Neuman (DCNA Staff)

The Finance Committee is responsible for:

• Overseeing the day to day management of financial affairs of the DCNA in accordance to the approved budget by the Board.
• Ensuring that the correct Accounting procedures are followed and appropriate financial records are kept in accordance to Good Governance principles.
• Ensuring that end of year financial reports and financial audits are completed in a correct and timely manner.
• Preparing together with the DCNA Secretariat the next years' budget, and timely presenting same for approval to the board of the DCNA in accordance with the Statutes.
• Overseeing activities of DCNA for which a grant was received, ensuring that eligibility criteria are met, and that rules and responsibilities of grantees are adhered to.
• Preparing together with the Trust Fund Committee the timely disbursements of the funds generated by the Trust Fund to the parks.