Policy & Legislation



Overview of Rules and Regulations

Relevant rules and regulations including: Visserijeilandsbesluit (Island Fishing Decree), Visserijverordening Curacao 2004 (Fishing Ordinance Curacao 2004), Visserijlandsverordening (National Fisheries Decree), Rifbeheersverordening Curacao (Reef ordinance Curacao), Eilandsbesluit bescherming zeeschildpadden (Island decree for the protection of sea turtles) Landsverordening Maritiem Beheer aka, LvMB, (Maritime Ordinance)

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2016 – 2021

Environmental Policy Plan Curaçao

The overall purpose of this Plan is the protection of the environment and natural resources, in order to ensure sustainable development, healthy environment and public health.

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A.B. 1976, no. 48

EILANDSVERORDENING tot beheer van het Marien Milieu in de wateren van het Eilandgebied Curaçao

Island ordinance for the management of the Marine Environment in the waters of the Island Territory of Curaçao

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A.B. Curaçao 1976, no. 48.

Eilandsbesluit bescherming zeeschildpadden (Dutch)

Island Resolution for the Protection of Sea Turtles (Dutch)

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A.B. 1994, No. 40

Hinderverordening Curaçao 1994 (Dutch)

Curaçao Nuisance Ordinance 1994 (Dutch)

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Landsverordening bestrijdingsmiddelen (Dutch)

National ordinance pesticides (Dutch)

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Landsverordening grondslagen natuurbeheer en -bescherming (Dutch)

National ordinance on the basis of nature management and protection (Dutch)

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Landsverordening in- en doorvoerverbod kleine dieren afkomstig uit Zuid- en Midden-Amerika (Dutch)

National ordinance on the import and transit ban on small animals from South and Central America (Dutch)

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Landsverordening invoer kleine dieren (Dutch)

National ordinance import small animals (Dutch)

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Landsverordening maritiem beheer (Dutch)

National ordinance maritime management (Dutch)

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Landsverordening opruiming van schepen en wrakken (Dutch)

National ordinance for the disposal of ships and wrecks (Dutch)

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Landsverordening schadefonds olietankschepen (Dutch)

National ordinance damage fund oil tankers (Dutch)

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Landsverordening voorkoming van verontreiniging door schepen (Dutch)

National ordinance prevention of pollution from ships (Dutch)

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Landsverordening aansprakelijkheid olietankschepen (Dutch)

National ordinance liability oil tankers (Dutch)

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Landsverordening grondslagen ruimtelijke ontwikkelingsplanning (Dutch)

National ordinance on the basis of spatial development planning (Dutch)

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Visserijlandsbesluit (Dutch)

Fisheries National Decree (Dutch)

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Visserijlandsverordening (Dutch)

Fisheries National Ordinance (Dutch)

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P.B. No. 60

Animal Protection Decision

Protection of animal species useful for agriculture and cultivation or which are gradually becoming extinct and whose survival is valued

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