Working Groups

Lady of the Night orchid

(Brassavola nodosa)

Photo credit: ©  Christian König

Green iguana

(Iguana iguana)

Photo credit: © Henkjan Kievit

Youth Participation Working Group

The purpose of this working group is to support youth participation and fundraising efforts in a structured manner on all six Dutch Caribbean islands and in the Netherlands.

Achsah Mitchell- STENAPA (Chair)
Cor Hametee- CARMABI
Sietske van der Wal- FPNA
Monique Grol- STINAPA
Rissa Rampersad- SCF
Leslie Hickerson-NFSXM
Dahlia Hassell- DCNA

Humpback whale calf
Photo credit: © Tomas Kotouc


Fundraising Working Group

Ron van der Veer (Chair)
Frédérique van Randwijck
Maartje de Jonge- DCNA