Aruba is the smallest, driest and windiest of the three Leeward Islands of the Dutch Caribbean. Despite this, it has a surprisingly varied landscape. The island’s connection, via the continental shelf, to the South American mainland means that Aruba’s flora and fauna are quite different from her sister islands — Bonaire and Curaçao.

Aerial view of residential area

Photo credit:  © Christian König (SHAPE/DCNA)

Nature Conservation Management
Partner Organization

The Aruba Conservation Foundation (ACF) is an independent foundation which manages a large surface area of Aruba (Arikok National Park and Spanish Lagoon), a marine park along with 16 other designated protected (terrestrial) areas equating to roughly 25% of Aruba’s surface.


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Telephone: (+297) 585 1234
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San Fuego 70

Aruba Rattlesnake

(Crotalus unicolor)

Photo credit: © Diego Marquez

American kestrel

(Falco sparverius)

Photo credit:  © Diego Marquez

Aruban whiptail lizard

(Cnemidophorus arubensis)

Photo credit:  © Christian König (SHAPE/DCNA)

Aruban burrowing owl

(Athene cunicularia arubensis)

Photo credit: © Christian König (SHAPE/DCNA)

Divi Divi

(Caesalpinia coriaria)

Photo credit:  ©

Photo credit: Henkjan Kevit (SHAPE/DCNA)

Hawksbill turtle

(Eretmochelys imbricata)

Photo credit:  © Brenda Kirkby

Candle cactus

(Stenocereus griseus)

Photo credit:  ©  Christian König (SHAPE/DCNA)

Mangrove Coast

Photo credit:  © Christian König (SHAPE/DCNA)

Crested caracara

(Caracara cheriway)

Photo credit:  © Henkjan Kievit (SHAPE/DCNA)

Aerial photo of Aruba's coast

Photo credit:  © Henkjan Kevit (SHAPE/DCNA)

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