Caribbean presence at the World Parks Congress

WPC ocean pavillionAccording to Para La Naturaleza’s  Yogani Govender, “anticipation and awe” is the feeling amongst Caribbean members upon recognising the magnitude of the World Parks Congress in Australia — 5000 participants representing 168 countries.

The Caribbean is well represented by members from around the Caribbean region including STINAPA Bonaire’s Kerenza Frans and Luigi Eybrecht.

Here’s what some participants have to say …

This is specially for the Dutch Caribbean’s Junior Rangers: involving young people is a common theme throughout the Congress:

Some of the concrete messages from the Caribbean include:

1.       Development of a realistic and strategic Caribbean Agenda for
Protected Areas is needed to guide coordination of resources and
prioritization of issues in the light of shared natural resources, similar
developmental challenges, overlapping jurisdictions and limited resources.

2.       New initiatives for or related to Caribbean protected areas should
coordinated with existing regional or national networks of protected area
organizations & institutions.

3.       A common, coordinated approach to design, implementation and
assessment of capacity building initiatives for protected areas in the
Caribbean is desired to ensure that local, national and regional needs are
adequately addressed.

Community wall

We all know what a ‘wall’ is, right ?

Well here’s a ‘wall’ World Parks Congress style:

WPC community wall


The World Parks Congress  is a “once in ten years’ event and is the largest forum of nature and conservation interests in the world. The tag line is: “Parks, people, planet; inspiring solutions”.

On the 15th November at the World Parks Congress, Luigi Eybrecht, a newly appointed Marine Park Ranger of STINAPA Bonaire, received the Hope and Inspiration Ranger Award in front of several hundred rangers from across the globe and more than 4,000 international conservation delegates.

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