Wetland Education Workshop


The Wetlands Education Workshop on May 5th – 9th features a variety of hands-on activities, demonstrations, and wetland teaching and interpretation techniques from an exciting book, “Wondrous West Indian Wetlands: Teachers’ Resource Book”.

The workshop is a component of the West Indian Whistling-Duck and Wetlands Conservation Project, a project of BirdsCaribbean (formerly SCSCB). Overseas facilitators Michele Kading (20 years experience as Head Interpreter, Oak Hammock Marsh Wetland Education Centre, Manitoba, Canada) and Dr. Lisa Sorenson (Conservation Ecologist, Boston University, WIWD and Wetlands Conservation Project Coordinator) will lead the activities.

The workshops aim is to develop professional education skills on wetlands and birds. Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of the book and other outreach materials (e.g., bird identification cards, posters, coloring books, etc.). The book contains activities and lessons for all ages (5-18).

Together with BirdsCaribbean, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and local sponsors, STINAPA Bonaire is pleased to offer this exciting opportunity for professional development.

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