Vogelbescherming Nederland

Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots

(Amazona barbadensis)

Photo credit: © Hans Smulders

Vogelbescherming Nederland is an independent, bird conservation organization with over  153,000 active members, companies and organizations. Vogelbescherming is the Dutch partner of BirdLife International, the organization working to conserve birds and their habitats worldwide. Through specific conservation programs, intensive cooperation, political lobby, legal action, clear education and effective campaigns, Vogelbescherming is working on the conservation of birds in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Vogelbescherming first ran a campaign to raise funds for bird conservation in the Dutch Caribbean in 2008 and they have been providing this essential funding support to the region ever since. This has allowed the development of a comprehensive bird conservation program for the Dutch Caribbean. Vogelbescherming is a leading member of the Dutch Partner Group and has also taken the lead in ensuring that Dutch Caribbean nature conservation interests are well represented, for example in Dutch Parliament both through their own lobbying efforts and through strategic introductions. They are actively supporting DCNA’s application to become part of the BirdLife International network.

IUCN NL is a founding member of the Dutch Partner Group and the project holder for DCNA’s annual subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of the Interior. They have strongly supported DCNA’s relationship with the Dutch Postcode Lottery and have worked hard to build political support for nature conservation in the Dutch Caribbean. IUCN NL was joint project holder with DCNA on a three year long Lottery funded initiative entitled “We ARE the world” supporting ecosystem restoration which included a conch restoration initiative in Lac on Bonaire.

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