Leendert van Driel

Voting Member, Financial Expert


(Bromelia lasiantha)

Photo credit: © Henkjan Kievit


Leendert van Driel, a civil engineer and venture capitalist, is one of DCNA’s finance specialists, appointed to work with DCNA on the establishment of a conservation trust fund.

I became involved with the DCNA – and I quickly became fascinated,’ he says. ‘Nature conservation had never really grabbed me in the past. It felt like something that should be left to the scientific experts. But I’ve began to realize that we all need to contribute our skills to building a balance between human activity and conserving the beauty of nature. And DCNA seemed to be doing exactly that.’

Leendert was raised in the Antilles.  After earning a degree in Civil Engineering in the Netherlands, he worked in the mining industry in Dutch Guyana and in the oil industry in Sarawak.

After earning his MBA, he worked for McKinsey & Co in The Netherlands and Venezuela. He then moved into venture capitalism, setting up his own business in 1982.

‘I’m very happy to be given a chance to contribute to the work of the DCNA because it is of such huge importance to the future of the Antilles,’ he says.

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