Tineke van Bussel

Project Manager

Blue-tailed Emerald Hummingbird

(Chlorostilbon mellisugus caribaeus)

Photo credit: © Hans Smulders

Tineke’s source of affection for nature and other cultures lies in her childhood, which was spent, in part, on Bonaire. She loves island life; the mix of people, the outdoor life, beautiful nature, and trips to the other nearby destinations. When she turned 12 her parents gave her dive lessons as her birthday present. A great present for a future biologist!

Tineke completed a BSc in Biology and MSc in Biology (specializing in ecology) at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. As part of her MSc, Tineke had the opportunity to write and conduct her own research projects. This allowed her to move back to the Caribbean and research Sint Maarten’s, Curaçao’s and Bonaire’s nature.

In 2015 she started working for the DCNA. One of the projects Tineke manages is the Research Communication Liaison project. Goal of this project is to optimize communication about nature, conservation and conservation management, focusing particularly on the interpretation of the results of research and monitoring for a broad range of audiences.

“It is great to have this job. It is a really wonderful opportunity to keep learning about the different islands, their nature, culture, people, organizations and networks. I feel blessed to be part of the DCNA team and to contribute to protecting the nature of these beautiful Caribbean islands.”

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