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The Dutch Caribbean islands are home to unique, globally significant and endangered habitats and species ranging from primary rainforest to magnificent coral reefs. They include 99 globally endangered or vulnerable species and over 388 endemic species and subspecies, plants and animals, which can be found nowhere else in the world. Their natural heritage is rich and extraordinarily diverse making these islands the most important ‘hotspot’ for biodiversity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

These diverse ecosystems are also important for the wellbeing of the inhabitants through the goods and services they provide, including tourism; one of the most important sources of income for the Dutch Caribbean. Nature on the islands is unique and important but it is also fragile. The lack of sustainable funding, policy support and adequate spatial planning hamper conservation management. Amongst the most significant threats include poorly regulated (coastal) development, wastewater and waste management as well as overgrazing by feral livestock, overfishing and the impact of invasive species and climate change.

Browse through this special edition of BioNews to learn more about the important species found on and around our islands. In this special edition you can learn about the species physical description, diet, reproduction behaviour, range, habitat, status on the islands, conservation status, local names and other interesting facts.

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