Special BioNews: the Nature Funding Projects

Thanks to generous funding from The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (now the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality) through the Nature Fund, 23 projects intended for overdue maintenance of nature were approved and are in various stages of implementation on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. These projects are targeting coral reef restoration, sustainable use of nature and the synergy of sustainable use of nature in combination with agriculture and tourism.

In this Special Edition “BioNews” is proud to present updates from 2017 and 2018 on the Nature Funding projects and achievements.

Download the full colour interactive version of the Nature Funding Projects (~9 MB).

Or check the individual projects here:

(1) Introduction

The Nature Funding Projects

(2) Invasive species


Feral Pig Control


Goat Buy Back Project

St. Eustatius:

Rat control

Invasive Species Workshop

(3) Conservation & Sustainability


World Heritage Nomination Project

POP Bonaire: Rural Development Program

Bonaire Caves and Karst Nature Reserve


Horticultural Project

St. Eustatius:

Nature Awareness Project

Economic Value of Nature

(4) Restoration


Ecological restoration Lac Bay and South coast

Combating Erosion and Nature Restoration

Restoring Bonaire’s dryforest

Bonaire & St. Eustatius:

Coral Restoration

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