Shark project planning workshop: I

Nurse shark on Saba Bank. Photo credit- Hans Leijnse: SHAPE/DCNA

DCNA’s first Save our Sharks, project planning meeting was held on Curaçao on the 24th February 2015.

Park directors and managers from throughout the Dutch Caribbean were present to review the project and to discuss project management, roles and responsibilities.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery selected “Save our Sharks” as one of their special projects and the announcement was made at their Goed Geld Gala in January 2015.


By 2017 sharks will be able to flourish in our waters, protected by islanders and valued as an integral part of our marine heritage as well as a valuable tourism asset.


The plan is to have:

  • Substantial public support for shark conservation
  • Complete ban on commercial and targeted fishing
  • Shark sanctuaries as safe havens for sharks

The project will run from 2015-2017 and has three interlinked project elements:

  • Conservation: working with local decision makers, communities and fishermen to build support and to put concrete shark conservation measures in place
  • Science: working with scientists on population assessments to determine which sharks are present in the Dutch Caribbean
  • Communication: working with the Dutch Elasmobrach Society to implement an extensive outreach campaign in the Netherlands to build support for shark conservation

Funds are anticipated to arrive in April 2015.


Meeting notes



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