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Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

Bennema, F.P. 2023. Long-term trends in reef fish populations in Bonaire Marine Park.  MarHis. Report.

Boer, R.A.d, Molenaar, R.E., Dankers, R., Klaveren, S.v., Rooij, B.d., Verweij, P. 2023. Nature-based Solutions for flood resilience on Bonaire : A scoping study. Research report

Bosman, Z. 2023. Towards Small-Baseline InSAR Time Series Analysis for Volcanic Monitoring on Saba and St. Eustatius. Delft University of Technology Master Thesis

Dungen, v.d.E., 2023. Reconstructing the impact of land-use changes on coastal lagoons in the Caribbean. Utrecht University. Thesis Report.

Heredia Mego, M. V. 2023. Proyecto de inversión para la instalación de una planta productora de suplementos a partir de la cáscara de pitahaya para su exportación a Aruba, 2022 [Trabajo de investigación, Universidad Católica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo]. Repositorio de Tesis USAT. Thesis.

Hoekstra, H.L. 2023. Vegetation analysis of White Mangrove, Bonaire Caribbean Netherlands. Internship Report (draft). Report.

Korzhavina, O.A., Nikitin, M.A., Hoeksema, B.W., Armesnteros, M., Reimer, J.D., Ivanenko, V.N. 2023. Tracing Geographic and Molecular Footprints of Copepod Crustaceans Causing Multifocal Purple Spots Syndrome in the Caribbean Sea Fan Gorgonia ventalina. Preprints. Article.

Laloë, J-O., Schofield, G., Hays, G.C. 2024. Climate warming and sea turtle sex ratios across the globe. Global Change Biology. Article.

Leeuwen, S.v., Bakker, H., Neckheim, T., Tooren, B.v. 2024.  Report on a snail excursion Bonaire. Report.

Naturalis, STINAPA. 2023. Land snail species in Bonaire.  Poster.

Steenkiste, N.W.L.v., Wakeman, K.C., Söderström, B., Leander, B.S. 2023. Patterns of host-parasite associations between marine meiofaunal flatworms (Platyhelminthes) and rhytidocystids (Apicomplexa). Nature. (2023) 13:21050. Article.

Ziebell, A-C., Vogel, M.L., Ratajczak, N.K., Hoeksema, B.W.  2023. Habitat Use of Two Coral-Associated Cryptobenthic Gobiid Fishes (Family: Gobiidae) in the Southern Caribbean. Fishes 2023, 8, 531. Article.
Academic Editor: Steven Saul.

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