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Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

Boyer, M., Wielinga, D., Gunaskera, R., De Kort, R.E., Wrede, P., Whyte-Givans, S., Justiniano, I., Macabuag, J. 2023. Advancing Disaster Risk Financing in Sint Maarten. Washington, DC: World Bank. Book.

Cabral, L.A. 2023. Comparação das relações tróficas entre peixes recifais e bentos em um gradiente de riqueza de espécies. Vídeo PIBIC 2023 – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Centro de Ciências Biológicas. Ciências Biológicas. Video.

Giarratana, F.P. 2023. Assessing the climate resilience of Small Island Developing States: An analysis of future climate change scenarios and stakeholder involvement in Sint Maarten.  MSc Environment and resource management. Thesis.

Gilliland, M. 2023. The Isle of Misfit Species Ecology of the invasive Boa on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Masters Thesis Florida Gulf Coast University. Thesis

Hackerott, S., Flood, P.J., Eirin-Lopez, J.M., Virdis, F., Garcia Souto, D., Paez, W. 2023. Relationships between phenotypic plasticity and epigenetic variation in two Caribbean Acropora corals. Molecular Ecology. Article.

Hill, R.W., Florn, A.M., Vermeij, M.J., Frade, P.R. 2023. In situ testing of candidate odorant cues in coral-reef fish: A new method with tests of dimethylsulfoniopropionate and betaines.  Frontiers in Marine Science. Sec. Marine Biology Volume 10 – 2023. Article.

Hoeksema, B.W., Samimi-Namina, K., McFadden, C.S., Rocha, R.M., van Ofwegen, L.P., Hiemstra, A-F, Vermeij, M.J.A. 2023. Non-native coral species dominate the fouling community on a semi-submersible platform in the southern Caribbean. Marine Pollution Bulletin. Volume 194, Part B. Article.

Kang, S.  2023. Temperature-dependent Sex Determination: Evolutionary Significance and the Adaptive Potential of Sea Turtles to Climate Change. Research Report.

van Leeuwe, J. 2023. Mixing over shallow coral reefs in relation to the reef rugosity. Wageningen University, INREEF & WMR. Masters Thesis.

Manijean, L., Saffache, P. 2018. The Caribbean Islands Are Tapping Their Geothermal Potential. Forum for Inter-American Research. Volume 11. Article.

Slagter, K. 2023. Mapping the bathymetry of Bonaire through the use of satellite data. Wageningen University and Research, Master of Science. Thesis.

Rañises, D.M.L., Vanegas Gonzalez, M.J., Tawfeeq, M.M., Rodriguez Gaudray, F., Malay, M.C.D., Vermeij, M., Flot, J-F. 2023. Intra- and interspecific variations in genome sizes of Agaricia corals from Curaçao. BioRxiv. Article.

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