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Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

van Buurt, G. 2023. Chapter 10: Amphibians of Aruba, Curaçao, and Bonaire’ in: The Conservation and Biogeography of Amphibians
in the Caribbean. Pelagic Publishing. DOI: 10.53061/XGMW2341. Chapter.

Manning, J.C., McCoy, S.J. 2023. Territoriality drives patterns of fixed space use in Caribbean parrotfishes. Ecology and Evolution. Volume 13, Issue 2. Article.

Rondeel, I. 2023. Bioirrigation effects of Upogebia affinis within sargassum-impacted T. testudinum seagrass habitat. Thesis.

Smulders, F.O.H., Slikboer, N., Christianen, M.A.J., Vonk, J.A. 2023. Battle for the mounds: Niche competition between upside-down jellyfish and invasive seagrass. Ecology. Article.

Snijders, K. 2023. Urban Wastewater Management of Willemstad, Curaçao, and Environmental Implications: A qualitative and quantitative investigation on urban wastewater fluxes. Thesis TU Delft Civil Engineering & Geosciences. Report.

Thibaudier, J., van den Burg, M.P., Mitchell, A.M., Cornwell, T.O.. 2023. Establishment of the Smooth-scaled Tegulet (Gymnophthalmus underwoodi) and the Common House Gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus) on St. Eustatius. Caribbean Herpetology 86: 1–6. Article.

Yuan. M>L., Crews, S.C., Esposito, L.A., Allen, L.C., Bell, R.C. 2023. Presence of the Island Least Gecko, Sphaerodactylus sputator,
confirmed for Saba, Caribbean Netherlands. Herpetology Notes, volume 16; 1-4. Article.

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