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Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

Bartholomeus, R. 2022. Discovering the Deep ROV assisted data collection to understand the status of Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems around Bonaire. MSc Marine Sciences thesis. Report.

Cissell, E., Eckrich, C.E., McCoy, S.J. 2022. Cyanobacterial mats as benthic reservoirs and vectors for coral black band disease pathogens. Ecological Applications. Article.

Haneveld, F. 2022. Monitoring water quality parameters of the coastal waters of Saba and the possible effects on the coral reef. Wageningen University & Research. Report.

Hoekema, L. 2022. Spatial & Temporal monitoring of Bonaire’s near-shore water quality. Wageningen Marine Research. Report.

Hrelja, K. 2022. Spatial and temporal variability of chlorophyll-a in coastal waters of Sint Eustatius. Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen Marine Research. Report.

Hylkema, A., Kitson-Walters, K., Kramer, P.R., Patterson, J.T., Roth L., Sevier M.L.B., Vega-Rodriguez, M., Warham, M.M., Williams, S.M., Lang, J.C. 2023. The 2022 Diadema antillarum die-off event: Comparisons with the 1983-1984 mass mortality. Front. Mar. Sci. 9:1067449. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.1067449. Article.

Hylkema, A. Cammenga, R.A.R,  van der Laan, P.M., Debrot, A.O., Pistor, M., Murk, A.J., Osinga, R. The effect of artificial reef design on the attraction of herbivorous fish and on coral recruitment, survival and growth. Ecological Engineering. Article.

Madden, H., Satge, Y., Wilkinson, B., Jodice, P.G.R. 2022. Foraging ecology of Red-billed Tropicbird Phaethon aethereus in the Caribbean during early chick rearing revealed by GPS tracking. Marine Ornithology 50: 165–175. Report.

Mineke van Leeuwen, A.F. 2022. Assessing the Relationship between Coastal Currents and Water Quality Indicators on Bonaire: ADCP & CTD approach. MSc Internship Report. WMR: Resilience Restoration of Nature and Society, WUR: Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group. Report.

Misiedjan, D. 2022. Separate but equal in the protection against climate change? The legal framework of climate justice for the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. The Geographical Journal. Article.

Raven, O. 2022. Assessing water quality and the benthic species communities around the Dutch Caribbean Island Sint Eustatius. Wageningen Marine Research, Wageningen University & Research. Report.

Remeta, L. 2022. Mapping of the Potential Erosion in the Catchment of Lac Bay A case study of water erosion on Bonaire. BSc International Land and Water Management. Thesis.

Sleeman, R., de Zeeuw‐van Dalfsen, E. 2023. Bridging the Seismic Monitoring Gap around Saba, St. Eustatius, and St. Maarten in the Caribbean Netherlands: The NA Network. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (2023) 113 (1): 143–156. Article.

Sottoriva, S. 2022. An analysis on Chlorophill a and Turbidity in Saba. Wageningen Marine Research, Wageningen University & Research Msc Internship Report.

Tahitu, E. 2022. Dynamics of the Deep The influence of spatial heterogeneity of water quality on dominant benthic groups on Bonaire. Research Report, Wageningen Marine Research. Report.

Tonning, D. N. 2022. Exploring Coral Reefs with Interactive Geospatial Visualizations. Culminating Experience Projects. 219. Grand Valley State University Master’s Project.

Turck, B van. 2022. Benthic community composition of the reef on the leeward side of Bonaire; A comparison of water qual ity with benthic community composition of the coral reef system of Bonaire. MSc Internship Department of Animal Sciences
Aquaculture and Fisheries Group Wageningen University. Report.

Verboom, L., Hoeksem, B.W. 2022. Resource Partitioning by Corallivorous Snails on Bonaire (Southern Caribbean). Diversity 2023, 15, 34. Article.

Vollstadt, M.G.R., Galetti, M., Kaiser-Bunbury, C.N., Simmons, B.I., Goncalves, F., Morales-Perez, A.L., Navarro, L., Tarazona-Tubens, F. L., Schubert, S., Carlo, T., Salazar, J., Faife-Cabrera, M., Strong, A., Madden, H., Mitchell, A., Dalsgaard, B. 2022. Plant–frugivore interactions across the Caribbean islands: Modularity, invader complexes and the importance of generalist species. Diversity and Distributions. Article.

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