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Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

Alós LLuesma, P., García March, G.R., Virdis, F. 2022. Bonaire (Southern Caribbean) coral restoration project: Acropora Cervicornis
(Lamarck, 1816) genotype performance assessment in the nursery phase. Trabajo Fin de Grado Universidad Catolica de Valencai. Report.

Bartholomeus, R. 2022. Discovering the Deep ROV assisted data collection to understand the status of Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems around Bonaire. Wageningen University & Researcher. Utrecht University. Master Research GEO4-1520. Thesis.

Bespalova, O.G. 2022. “Modeling and Forecasting Monthly Tourism Arrivals Since the COVID-19 Pandemic: Aruba Case,” IMF Working Papers 2022/226, International Monetary Fund. Report.

de Bruijn, E., Dieperink, C. 2022. A Framework for Assessing Climate Adaptation Governance on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao. Sustainability 2022, 14(22), 15092; Article.

van Buurt, G. 2014. Some names of Animals and Plants in Papiamentu. Book.

Christianen, .J.A., Smulders, F.O.H., Vonk, J.A., Becking, L.E., Bouma, T.J., Engel, S.M., James, R.K., Nava, M.I., de Smit, J.C., van der Zee, J.P., Palsbøll, P.J., Bakker, E.S. 2022. Seagrass ecosystem multifunctionality under the rise of a flagship marine megaherbivore. Global Change Biology. Article.

Crestian, A., Coolen, Q., Francisca, R., & van der Ploeg, J. (2022) Washington Slagbaai National Park management plan 2022-2028. STINAPA: Kralendijk. Management Plan.

Debrot. A.O. 2022. ‘Nature-based solutions’ zijn noodzakelijk om Caribische Nederland te behoeden voor de gevolgen van klimaatverandering. Wageningen University and Research. Position Paper and Presentation.

Debrot, A.O., Brunel, T., van der Ent, E., Kuramae Izioka, A., Kimani Kitson-Walters, K. 2022. Ten-year assessment of Caribbean Netherlands fisheries monitoring: data challenges and recommendations. Wageningen Marine Research.  Report.

Dixon, J.A., Scura, L.F., van’t Hof, T. 1993. Ecology and Microeconomics as “Joint Products”: The Bonaire Marine Park in the Caribbean.  The World Bank Latin America Technical Department Environment Division. Report.

Gugnani, H.C., Chopra, Q., Currie, A., Ostrander, T., Wiegersma, W., Ray, P. 2022. Occurrence of Vibrio Species in Marine Sources Surroundings Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences., 4(5), 153-162. Article.

Hoeksema B.W. (ed) 2022. Marine biodiversity of Bonaire: a baseline survey (2nd edition). Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, and ANEMOON Foundation, Bennebroek, 78 pp. Report.

Houtman, T. 2022. Taking root: a grounded approach to science communication for sealink Curacao. Utrecht University. Sustainable Development – Earth System Governance. Master’s Thesis.

Jesse, W. A. M. 2022. Biodiversity in a globalized world: The journey of exotic species from origin to impact. [PhD-Thesis – Research and graduation internal, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam]. AIO Proefschrift All In One. Thesis.

van Leeuwen, A.F.M. 2022. Assessing the Relationship between Coastal Currents and Water Quality Indicators on Bonaire: ADCP & CTD approach. Msc Internship 2022. Report. Presentation.

Madden, H., Leopold, M., Rivera-Milan, F., Verdel, K., Eggermont, E., Jodice, P.G. 2022. Reproductive Success of Red-Billed Tropicbirds (Phaethon aethereus) on St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands. Waterbirds 45(1). Article.

Madden, H., Satge, Y., Wilkinson, B. & Jodice, P.G.R. 2022. Foraging ecology of Red-billed Tropicbird Phaethon aethereus in the Caribbean during early chick rearing revealed by GPS tracking. Marine Ornithology 50: 165–175. Article.

Marquez, G., Jose, A. Estatus taxonómico de la lagartija de Los Roques (Cnemidophorus nigricolor) mediante el uso de morfología clásica y de técnicas moleculares. Universidad Central de Venezuela. Report.

Samimi-Namin, K., van Ofwegen, L.P., Hoeksema, B.W., Woodall, L.C., Meijer Zu Schlochtern, M., McFadden, C.S. 2022. New Records of the Cryptogenic Soft Coral Genus Stragulum (Tubiporidae) from the Eastern Caribbean and the Persian Gulf. Diversity, 14(11), 909. Article.

Soma, K., Verweij, P., Angel, E., Naranjo, M.A. Inclusiveness in the Caribbean-Locals’ Perceptions about Nature, Tourism and Recreation in Bonaire. Sustainability 2022, 14(21). Article.

Wells, J.V., Albers, E., Oversteegen, M., Oversteegen, S., de Vries, H., Wellens, R. 2022. Status of the Red-billed Tropicbird
(Phaethon aethereus) on and around the islands of Aruba, Curaçao, and Bonaire. Journal of Caribbean Ornithology 35:83–88.

Winters, G., Conte, C., Beca-Carretero, P., Nguyen, H.M., Migliore, L., Mulas, M., Rilov, G., Guy-Haim, T., Gonzales, M.J., Medina, I., Golomb, D., Kitson-Waters, K., 2022.  Superior biological traits of invaded (Caribbean) versus native (Red Sea) populations of the seagrass Halophila stipulacea. Research Square. Article.


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