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Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

Abdi, G., Esfandiari, M., Jabari, S. 2022. A deep transfer learning-based damage assessment on post-event very high-resolution orthophotos. Geomatica. Article.

Breuil, M., Schikorski, D., Vuillaume, B., Krauss, U., Morton, M.N., Corry, E., Bech, N., Jelić, M., Grandjean, F. (2020) Painted black: Iguana melanoderma (Reptilia, Squamata, Iguanidae) a new melanistic endemic species from Saba and Montserrat islands (Lesser Antilles). ZooKeys 926: 95–131. Article.

van den Burg, M., Madden, H., Debrot, A.O. 2022. Population estimate, natural history and conservation of the melanistic Iguana iguana population on Saba, Caribbean Netherlands. bioRxiv. Article.

Chin-On, R.O., Barbosa, M.J., Wijffels, R.H., Janssen, M. 2022. A novel V-shaped photobioreactor design for microalgae cultivation at low latitudes: Modelling biomass productivities of Chlorella sorokiniana on Bonaire. Chemical Engineering Journal. Volume 449. Article.

Cook. S.L. 2022. The effects of resource availability on the growth and distribution of a heterotrophic coral species, Madracis mirabilis, across Curaçao. Master of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. Report.

Engel, S., Johnson, J., Bertuol, P., van der Ploeg, J. 2022. Bonaire’s Southern Wetlands Management Plan. Plan.

Gobbato, Jacopo, Andrea Magrini, Jaaziel E. García-Hernández, Francesca Virdis, Paolo Galli, Davide Seveso, and Simone Montano. 2022. “Spatial Ecology of the Association between Demosponges and Nemalecium lighti at Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean” Diversity 14, no. 8: 607.  Article.

Holzhauser. C. 2022. Local scale hydrodynamics and oxygen fluctuations near coral reefs. Master of Marine Science Utrecht University. Thesis.

Hofman, J., Peters, J., Stroobants, C., Elst, E., Baeyens, B., Van Laer, J., Spruyt, ., Van Essche, W., Delbare, E., Roels, B., Cochez, A., Gillijns, E., Van Poppel, M. 2022. Air Quality Sensor Networks for Evidence-Based Policy Making: Best Practices for Actionable Insights. Atmosphere. Article.

Kolátková, V., Smulders, F.O.H., Ward, E.A., Vohník, M. 2022. Range expansion of Marinomyxa marina, a phytomyxid parasite of the invasive seagrass Halophila stipulacea, to the Caribbean. Aquatic Botany Volume 182. Article

Kumar, D., Sharma, S., Sharma, G.K., Chandrul, K.K., 2022. A Short Assessment on Aloe Vera, the Magic Medical Plant.Vol 3, Issue 7, pp 1 304. Article.

van der Meij, S. E. T., Bravo, H., J.H. Scholten, Y., & Dromard, C. R. 2022. Host use of the elkhorn coral crab Domecia acanthophora (Brachyura : Domeciidae), with a phylogeny of the genus. Cahiers de biologie marine, 63(3), 239-246. Article.

Morrow, K.M., Pankey, M.S., Lesser, M.P. 2022. Community structure of coral microbiomes is dependent on host morphology. Microbiome. 10:113. Article.

Scheifinger. K. 2022. Pathways towards a sustainable kunuku landscape. Master of Science in Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University & Research Environmental Policy group. Thesis.

Simal, F., Vallarino, A., Albers, E. 2022. Conservation opportunities for tern species at two Ramsar sites on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands. Journal of Caribbean Ornithology. Article.

Van de Velde, S. 2022. Implementing community urban agriculture in Bonaire: Developing guidelines to set up and design sustainable communal urban agriculture projects in the Caribbeans SIDS with a focus on Bonaire, by using participatory action research. TU Delft Architecture and the Built Environment; TU Delft Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions; Wageningen University & Research. Master thesis.

Verweij, P., Lazebnik, J., Cormont, A., van Eupen, M., Panteleon, P., Winograd, M. 2022. Bonaire 2050, putting the vision into numbers. Report.

van Zee, R. 2022. The role of creeks for tidal exchange in the mangroves of Lac Bay, Bonaire. MSc thesis Civil Engineering, Water Engineering and Management group University of Twente. Presentation and Master Thesis.

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