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Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

Barten, R, Chin‐On, R, de Vree, J, van Beersum, E, Wijffels, RH, Barbosa, MJ, Janssen, M. 2022. Growth parameter estimation and model simulation for three industrially relevant microalgae:Picochlorum, Nannochloropsis,and Neochloris. Biotechnology and bioengineering. Article.

Behm, JE, Busala, GM, Helmus, MR. 2022. First records of three new lizard species and a range expansion of a fourth lizard species introduced to Aruba. BioInvasions Records (2022) Volume 11, Issue 1: 296–306. Article

Bleijenberg, J. 2021. Effect of the use of artificial reefs as substrate on outplanted Acropora cervicornis survival and growth in comparison with outplanting on natural reefs. Wageningen University & Research. Thesis.

Bleijenberg, J. 2021. The effect of Sargassum on settlement of Diadema antillarum larvae around Saba.  Wageningen University & Research. Thesis.

van Buurt, G, Smulders, JCGJ. 2022. First record of the Mourning Gecko, Lepidodactylus lugubris (Duméril & Bi-bron), from Bonaire. Caribbean herpetology. Article.

Colijn, EO, Meekes, JJ. 2021. Results of an entomological collecting trip to St. Eustatius (Coleoptera). entomologische berichten 81 (5) 2021. Article

Colijn, EO, Boeken, M, Richardson, BA, Richardson MJ. 2021. Two small beetle collections from
Saba (Coleoptera). Entomologische Berichten 81 (6): 264-269. Article

Croes, G. 2022. A Sustainable Energy Transition Case Study on Aruba. TU Delft Technology, Policy and Management. Master Thesis

Debrot AO, Boman E, Madden H. 2022. Case study of a Rapid Response Removal Campaign for the invasive alien green iguana, Iguana iguana. Management of Biological Invasions 13 (in press). Article.

Debrot, AO, Ruijter, MNM, Endarwin, W, van Hooft, P, Wulf, K, Delnevo, AJ. 2022. A renewed call for conservation leadership 10 years further in the feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return debate and new opportunities for constructive dialogue. Conservation Science and Practice. Article.

Eppinga, MB, Mijts, EN, Santos, MJ. 2021. Ranking the sustainable development goals: perceived sustainability priorities in small island states. Sustainability Science. Article.

Eppinga, MB, Haber, EA, Sweeney, L, Santos, MJ, Rietkerk, M, Wassen, MJ. 2022. Antigonon leptopus invasion is associated with plant community disassembly in a Caribbean island ecosystem. Biological Invasions. Article.

Floor Apperloo, S. 2022. Using the perception of fishermen, residents and tourists to support sustainable fishing practices on the Saba Bank. Masters Internship Report.

Hoeksema, BW, Harper, CE, Langdon-Down, SJ, van der Schoot, RJ, Smith-Moorhouse, A, Spaargaren, R, Timmerman, R.F. 2022. Host Range of the Coral-Associated Worm Snail Petaloconchussp.(Gastropoda: Vermetidae), a Newly Discovered Cryptogenic Pest Species in the Southern Caribbean. Diversity 2022, 14, 196. Article.

Homes, W. 2021. Quantifying the state of the coral reef ecosystem in relation to biophysical benthic and pelagic indicators and biological drivers of change in the Saba National Marine Park, Dutch Caribbean. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Masters Thesis.

Hylkema, A, Debrot AO, Pistor, M, Postma, E, Williams, SM, Kitson-Walters, K. 2022. High peak settlement of Diadema antillarum on different artificial collectors in the Eastern Caribbean. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. Article.

Jeannesson, E, Couvat, J. 2021. CARI’MAM Scientific Survey 2021 Final Report.

Jeannesson, E, Couvat, J. 2021. CARI’MAM Scientific Survey 2021 Final Report for Saba’s Waters. Report.

Lazebnik, J, van Eupen, M, Verweij, P. 2022. The state of cactus fences and kunukus for nature inclusivity on the island of Bonaire. Wageningen Environmental Research. Report.

Lymperaki, MM, Hill, CEL, Hoeksema, BW. 2022. The effects of wave exposure and host cover on coral-associated fauna of a centuries-old artificial reef in the Caribbean. Ecological Engineering. Article.

Muller, E, Harasti, D, Hoeksema, B.W. Seahorse Predation by Octopuses in the Caribbean and
the West Pacific. Diversity 2022, 14, 125. Article.

Neckheim, T. 2022. Rare and/or Endangered Land and Freshwater Molluscs of St. Martin. Research report.

Reimer, JD, Wee, HB, García-Hernández, JE, Hoeksema, BW. 2022. Same but different? Zoantharian assemblages (Anthozoa: Hexacorallia) in Bonaire and Curaçao, southern Caribbean. Coral Reefs. Article.

Reimer, JD, Kise, H, Montegnegro, J, Santos MAE, Hoeksema, BW, Ekins, M, Ise, Y, Higashiji, H, Fernandez-Silva, I. 2022. Evolution and phylogeny of glass-sponge-associated zoantharians, with a description of two new genera and three new species. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 194, 323–347. Article.

Rempel, HS, Siebert, AK, Van Wert, JC, Bodwin, KN, Ruttenberg, BI. 2022. Feces consumption by nominally herbivorous fishes in the Caribbean: an underappreciated source of nutrients? Coral Reefs. Article.

Roefs, B, van Eupen, M, Panteleon, P. 2021. Kunuku fields Bonaire, 1956. Maps and Charts.

Van Steenkiste, NWL, Leander, BS. 2022. The molecular phylogenetic position of Mariplanella piscadera sp. nov. reveals a new major group of rhabdocoel flatworms: Mariplanellida status novus (Platyhelminthes: Rhabdocoela). Organisms Diversity & Evolution. Article.

Smulders, FOH, Becker, ST, Campbell, JE, Bakker, ES, Boasson, MJ, Bouwmeester, MM, Vonk, JA, Christianen, JAJ. 2021. Fish grazing enhanced by nutrient enrichment may limit invasive seagrass expansion. Aquatic Botany. Article.

van der Zee, JP, Christianen, MJA, Bérubé, M, Nava, M, van der Wal, S, Berkel, J, Bervoets, T, Meijer Zu Schlochtern, M, Becking , LE, Palsbøll, PJ. 2021. Demographic changes in Pleistocene sea turtles were driven by past sea level fluctuations affecting feeding habitat availability. Molecular Ecology. Article.

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