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Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

van den Burg MP, Hylkema A, Debrot AO (2021) Establishment of two nonnative parthenogenetic reptiles on Saba, Dutch Caribbean: Gymnophthalmus underwoodi and Indotyphlops braminus. Caribbean Herpetology, 79, 1–5. Article.

Brunel, T, Kuramae, A, Debrot, AO. 2021. Status and trends in Saba Bank fisheries: Analysis of fisheries data collected over the period 2011-2020. Wageningen University & Research report C062/21. Report.

van Houselt, GJ. 2021. A Rainwater Harvesting System based Blueprint for Excess Runoff Management on Caribbean Small Island Developing States. Masters Thesis. Utrecht University. Report.

Houston, K., 2021. Goat Culling on Saba. Masters Thesis. The University of Chicago. Report.

Kise, H, Montenegro, J., Santos, MEA, Hoeksema, BW, Ekins, M, Ise, Y, Higashiji, T, Fernandez-Silva, I, Reimer, JD. 2021. Evolution and phylogeny of glass-sponge-associated zoantharians, with a description of two new genera and three new species. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. Article.

Laloë, JO, Chivers, WJ, Esteban, N, Hays, GC. Reconstructing past thermal conditions in beach microclimates. Global Change Biology. Article.

Smulders, FOH, Becker, ST, Campbell, JE, Bakker, ES, Boasson, MJ, Bouwmeester, MM, Vonk, JA, Christianen, MJA. 2021. Fish grazing enhanced by nutrient enrichment may limit invasive seagrass expansion. Aquatic Botany 176 (2022) 103464. Article

Teoh, C.P., Laya, J.C. Preferential dolomitization in Mio–Pliocene bioclastic clinoforms, Bonaire Island, South Caribbean: insights from petrographic and geochemical analyses. Facies 67, 30 (2021). Article.

Teoh, CP, Jacquemyn, C, Laya, JC. 2021. The effects of dolomite geobodies within carbonate clinoforms on fluid flow and connectivity: Insights from an outcrop analogue on Bonaire, The Netherlands (South Caribbean). Marine and Petroleum Geology Volume 134, December 2021, 105344. Article


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