Recent Publications

Below you will an overview of the reports and publications on biodiversity related subjects in the Dutch Caribbean that have recently been published.

Abraham, A.C., Gochfeld, D.J., Macartney, K., Mellor, A., Lesser, M.O., Slattery, M. (2021). Biochemical variability in sponges across the Caribbean basin. Invertebrate Biology.

Bremn, D. van. (2021). The blue destination strategy in a small island tourism oriented society: The case of Bonaire. Thesis Handelshögskolan vid Karlstad universitet. 

Chutcharavan, P. M. and Dutton, A.: A global compilation of U-series-dated fossil coral sea-level indicators for the Last Interglacial period (Marine Isotope Stage 5e), Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 13, 3155–3178,, 2021.

Debrot, A. O., Boman, E., & Madden, H. (2021). St. Eustatius invasive alien Green Iguana: Case study of a Rapid Response Extermination Campaign (RREC). (Wageningen Marine Research report; No. C033/21). Wageningen Marine Research.

Dogruer, G., Becking, L. E., Tonk, L., Van Duyl, F. C., Haas, A., Mücher, C. A., Daniels, F. M. J., & Meesters, H. W. G. (2021). Restoration of Resilience of Nature and Society in the Caribbean Netherlands. Poster session presented at Dutch Caribbean Research Week, .

Eckrich, C.E., Rempel, H.S., Liana Francisca, R., Ren, E. (2021). Coral bleaching in the Bonaire National Marine Park 2016-2020. STINAPA report. 

Geraets, L., Osagie, N., Raven, T., Verschragen, A. (2021). Humpback whales and shipping collisions in the Dutch Caribbean EEZ. Student Report.

George EE, Mullinix JA, Meng F, Bailey BA, Edwards C, Felts B, Haas AF, Hartmann AC, Mueller B, Roach TNF, Salamon P, Silveira C, Vermeij MJA, Rohwer F, Luque A. 2021. Space-filling and benthic competition on coral reefs. PeerJ 9:e11213

Gwenaël Jouannic, Tran Duc Minh Chloé, Denis Crozier. Post-disaster reorganisation of local and national institutions: the case of St. Martin after hurricane Irma (West Indies). 4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management, Jun 2021, Virtual conference, Hungary. ffhal-03272078f

Hill, CEL, Lymperaki, MM, Hoeksema, BW. (2021). A centuries-old manmade reef in the Caribbean does not substitute natural reefs in terms of species assemblages and interspecific competition. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Hylkema, A., Hakkaart, Q. C. A., Reid, C. B., Osinga, R., Murk, A. J., & Debrot, A. O. (2021). Artificial reefs in the Caribbean: A need for comprehensive monitoring and integration into marine management plans. Ocean and Coastal Management209, [105672].

Kornder, NA, Cappelletto, J, Mueller, B, Zalm, MJL, Martinez, SJ, Vermeij, MJA, Huisman, J, Goeij, JM de. (2021). Implications of 2D versus 3D surveys to measure the abundance and composition of benthic coral reef communities. Coral Reefs.

Linders, B., Meesters, EH., 2021. Restoration of Resilience of Nature and Society in the Caribbean Netherlands. Project Proposal. 548455 (

Meesters, E.H., Duyl, F.C. van, Humphreys, M.P., Haas, A., Karancz, S., Goeyse, S. de, Bakker, K., Haas, H. de. Wuis, L. (2021) Saba Bank: a scientific surprise. PowerPoint-presentatie (

Pfingstl, T., Lienhard, A. Baumann, J., Koblmuller, S. (2021) A taxonomist‘s nightmare – Cryptic diversity in Caribbean intertidal arthropods (Arachnida, Acari, Oribatida). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.


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