Applying for research permits
St. Maarten

Caribbean Flamingo

Photo credit: © Alexes Photos

Please contact the relevant Department for more information:

The Nature Foundation Sint Maarten (NFSXM) is the management and scientific authority with regards to the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, species management and specifically introduced species for the territory of Sint Maarten. The NFSXM is the management authority for the Man of War Shoal National Marine Protected Area.

In order to conduct scientific research and projects related to the marine or terrestrial ecosystems on Sint Maarten, authorization needs to be given by the NFSXM and compensations are established to work with or under the supervision of the NFSXM.

Nature Foundation St. Maarten

CITES listed species:

Brown Boobies

(Sula leucogaster)

Photo credit: © Kai Wulf