Bonaire Conch Project Public Launch

BONAIRE — Here’s the latest event in the conch restoration project on Bonaire: STINAPA’s launch of the project’s logo and slogan both of which are beautiful. The slogan “Ban trese Karko bek, Laga nan na pas pa mañan nos tin mas!” roughly translates to “Bring our conch back; Leave them alone so that we have some tomorrow!” It’s a very strong and somewhat emotive statement guaranteed to get a reaction. The poster is bold too, symbolizing the older generation handing over the protection of conch to the younger generation. The event, which took place last Friday, was to mark the beginning of an outreach campaign focusing on the Queen Conch which will engage every sector of the local community from schools and creches to churches and the business sector.

You also get to “meet” part of STINAPA’s project team: on the left is Suhendley Barzey, the project ranger whose position is being funded for one year by World Wildlife Fund (WNF NL). On the right is Diana Sint Jago, the outreach co-ordinator whose position is funded by the Nationale Postcode Loterij for two years. Both newly employed by STINAPA and dedicated to this project.

As you can see this is an excellent example of teamwork. The project involves the Nationale Postcode Loterij, IUCN NL, WNF NL and DCNA all supporting STINAPA’s efforts to restore conch in Lac.

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