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The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) and Fundacion Parke Nacional Aruba (FPNA) are proud to announce a symposium on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for Ecosystem Restoration and Conservation on the Dutch Caribbean islands. This event, scheduled for November 10th from 13:30 to 17:00 AST on Aruba, will provide a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in integrating innovative solutions to preserve and rejuvenate the diverse ecosystems of the Dutch Caribbean. The symposium will see the attendance of several guests of honour, including Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix, Patroness of the DCNA. The event is open for virtual attendance.   

Nature-Based Solutions  

The Dutch Caribbean islands boast stunningly beautiful ecosystems that deliver a number of important benefits. Aside from their economic and recreational importance, these areas are also vitally important to maintaining biodiversity and to building healthy and resilient spaces. Unfortunately, these unique environments face ecological vulnerabilities due to the constant threat from human activities and a changing climate. Implementing Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) is crucial to safeguarding these delicate balances to ensure these areas are around for generations to come. Nature-Based Solutions represent a groundbreaking approach that taps into the power of nature to address urgent environmental challenges. In the realm of ecosystem restoration, these solutions offer a beacon of hope by combining human ingenuity with the resilience of the natural world. 


To incorporate these Nature-Based Solutions on the Dutch Caribbean Islands, it is important to customize them to local contexts. Moreover, the journey towards their successful implementation is a collaborative one. It requires a well-coordinated effort from diverse stakeholders, like people working in the field of nature conservation, academia, government officials, and companies. To realize the full potential of these solutions, knowledge exchange and cooperation between these stakeholders are imperative. 

This is why the DCNA, together with FPNA, organizes a symposium on Nature-Based Solutions in ecosystem restoration on the Dutch Caribbean islands. The event will take place on November 10th from 13.30 – 17.00 AST.  

We are thrilled to create a space for knowledge exchange and collaboration,” says Arno Verhoeven, Director of DCNA. “This event not only serves as a platform for sharing insights into the incorporation of Nature-Based Solutions but also contributes valuable input to the DCNA’s upcoming ‘Conservation and Restoration of Key Habitats’ Program. 

During the symposium, five high valued speakers will present on the topic of Nature-Based solutions. Also, directors of multiple Dutch Caribbean Park and Conservation Management Organizations will come together on stage to present and discuss their activities on implementing NBS for ecosystem restoration and conservation. The full programme can be found on the event page of the symposium. 

The symposium promises to be a milestone in advancing the dialogue on Nature-Based Solutions for ecosystem restoration and conservation in the Dutch Caribbean. By fostering knowledge and experience exchange and cooperation, it aims to contribute to a greener, more resilient future for the region. 

Attendance of the Symposium 

The symposium will take place at the University of Aruba, with approximately 100 invited guests attending in person. Guests represent stakeholders within the field, including local people and NGOs working on the ground, government officials, students, and local organizations. Additionally, this event will see the attendance of several guests of honour, including Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix, Patroness of the DCNA. Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix will visit the symposium as part of her three-day visit to Curaçao and Aruba. 

The symposium will also be accessible online to the wider public. The DCNA welcomes all people interested in the topic to join. Please, make sure to register your attendance here. 


This symposium is funded by Milton Harms Fund in collaboration with Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied, Representation of the Netherlands in Oranjestad, Aruba (VNO) Aruba Tourism Authority, and Grant Thornton Aruba. DCNA’s activities are sponsored by the Dutch Postcode Lottery and Pelican Adventure. 


Register through the following link: https://dcnanature.org/dcna-symposium-2nline-attendance/ 

Find all the event details by visiting https://dcnanature.org/dcna-symposium/ 


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