Nature education on St. Maarten

NFSXM Junior Rangers

Photo Credit: © Nature Foundation St. Maarten

Nature education program on St. Maarten

Nature Foundation St. Maarten, NFSXM, education coordinator is responsible for nature education classroom activities, field activities and after school activities.

At the Nature Foundation, St. Maarten we are dedicated to inspiring and educating the residents of our island to become environmental advocates who work to preserve and protect our natural resources.

The main focus of our educational outreach programs is the youth of St. Maarten. The foundation strives to provide year-round activities for local students that include introduction to environmental issues and hands-on learning activities.  We hope that early introduction to these issues will lead to lasting change and instill a sense of responsibility to safeguard the island and its natural environment.

In addition to school visits the foundation works with several youth groups on the island and produces media through many outlets to ensure that environmental education remains easily accessible for all those living on St. Maarten.

Contact information
For general questions
+ 17215444267

Visiting address
Wellsberg Street 1A Unit 25-26 Fisherman’s Wharf, Cole Bay, St. Maarten.

Visiting hours
Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00

Snowy Egret

(Egretta thula)Photo credit: © Rostislav Stach (SHAPE/DCNA)


Discover our habitats!

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Plants and Trees of St. Maarten Activities


Dolphin in St. Maarten waters

Photo credit: ©  Henkjan Kievit (SHAPE/DCNA)


Explore Man of War Shoal National Marine Park!

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Shark and Rays Activities


Flowering Orchid

(Tolumnia urophylla)

Photo credit: © Marjolijn Lopes

Flora & Fauna

Learn about our wildlife!

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Turtle Puzzle


Sailing out in the early morning

Photo credit: © Henkjan Kievit (SHAPE/DCNA)


Be a Nature Ambassador of St. Maarten!

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Be a nature ambassador for St. Maarten!