Nature Education on St. Eustatius

Green-throated Carib

(Eulampis holosericeus)

Photo credit: © SHAPE

Nature education program on Statia

St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation education coordinator is responsible for nature education activities, field activities and after school activities.

St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation, STENAPA, has a firm foundation within the schools and a strong connection with the pupils. It is through this that the STENAPA education program hope to develop new ambassadors for nature. By creating more pupil centered learning experiences STENAPA hopes to develop a deeper understanding of conservation and its importance for personal well-being within the next generation. Once graduated from primary school these pupils will be more receptive to further STENAPA communications about nature and become change makers within the community.

Contact information
For general questions
+ 599 318 2884

Visiting address
St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation,
Oranjebaaiweg 59,
St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean

Visiting hours
Mon-Fri 07:00-17:00

Ornate moth

(Utetheisa ornatrix)

Photo credit: © Christian Konig (SHAPE/DCNA)


Exploring the habitats of our terrestrial park

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Terrestrial Coloring Page

Venus Bay

Photo credit: © Henkjan Kievit (SHAPE/DCNA)


Exploring the underwater world of our marine park

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Marine Coloring Page

Green-throated Carib

(Eulampis holosericeus)

Photo credit: © Rostislav Stach (SHAPE/DCNA)

Flora & fauna

Learn about our Wild Animals!

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Memory Game of Statia’s Wild Animals