Naturalis: “Ticket to the Tropics”

Today saw the launch by Naturalis Biodiversity Center of their brand new Dutch Caribbean Species Register

For the first time we have a complete overview of the known species of animals, plants and fungi in the Dutch Caribbean and so far this comes to a whopping 7,500 species.

The database is the result of work by Naturalis Biodiversity Center – the biodiversity research center and Dutch national natural history museum- who have researched all relevant publications on the biodiversity and natural history of the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean: Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten.

It contains a wealth of information, including references, occurance, photographs, local, common and scientific names. The information can be navigated, searched and filtered in several different ways and even includes a taxonomic tree. Best of all the species register is illustrated by a growing photo archive of over 2.000 photographs.

Naturalis expects the species database to expand over the coming years, as they get input from amateurs and professionals and process the results of recent expeditions to the Dutch Caribbean during which new species are discovered.

Want to participate? Naturalis is looking for volunteer photographers and people with a sound knowledge of Dutch Caribbean biodiversity. All photos and species information is validated before being published. Contact Naturalis at

We hope the Dutch Caribbean Species Register will prove to be a useful tool for science, nature conservation and biodiversity research in the Dutch Caribbean!

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