Maartje de Jonge

Fundraising Manager


Blue-tailed Emerald Hummingbird

(Chlorostilbon mellisugus caribaeus)

Photo credit: © Hans Smulders

Maartje was born in the province of Groningen in the northern part of the Netherlands. Growing up she loved nature, going on weekly walks with her father in the nearby forests. Biking to school through the fields. Traveling and discovering different landscapes has also been one of her passions, her father, a geography teacher, being her example in his love for the earth in all its beauty. Following in her fathers footsteps she started her career teaching children, teaching different subjects as well as love for life. After having taught for several years, she started training schoolteams, coaching teachers how to reach and educate children in a more natural way, helping them open up, shine and achieve more.

In 2012 Maartje was asked to become a sales manager for Goal Zero, an American company working in the field of renewable, solar energy. Goal Zero also organizes and donates to solar projects in African and South American countries. During her two years at Goal Zero she discovered her natural sales skills and further developed her love for different cultures and the importance of supporting good causes.

After two years of long hours and a lot traveling in combination of being a mother of 4 children, she decided to work closer to home and started her own business. The past 8 years Maartje has worked on different projects, always connecting people and organisations, working in the field of government, education and companies, which has made Maartje an allround project Manager. Organising trade missions for Dutch companies to China, connecting companies to and organising funding for a knowledge institution. Connecting provinces, municipalities, knowledge institutions and companies to the International Welcome Center North. Giving presentations and attracting international talent to the region.

The past two years Maartje has spend her time introducing a sustainable, technical solution for the Wadden area. Working with all different organisations in the Wadden region.

For different workprojects and during her vacations Maartje has visited many places worlwide, but she has specific love for the Dutch Caribbean. Curaçao has been an islands she had visited several times and which she had grown to love. In connection with her project on the Dutch Wadden island, Maartje was asked to visit Bonaire February 2021 and present the system for Bonaire. Since her first visit in February she has been back 5 times, to further work out the project for Bonaire as well as enjoy the beauty of this gem in the Dutch Caribbean.

Maartje is very excited to be part of the DCNA team and to visit the other islands to deepen her love for the area. The opportunity to work for the beautiful nature in the Dutch Caribbean as the Fundraising Manager for DCNA is a special task, for which Maartje is very grateful.


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