Norman Kuipéri

DCNA Treasurer, Financial Expert


(Bromelia lasiantha)

Photo credit: © Henkjan Kievit


Norman Leonel Kuipéri, born on November 25th, 1954 in Aruba, completed his MTS Electra studies at the John F. Kennedy school in 1975, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at Merrimack College in 1979, and is currently working on his thesis at the University of Aruba for his Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Norman served as a board member of the Aruba Trade and Industry Association for four years, and as a member of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce for six years. During his tenure at the Chamber of Commerce, he represented the business community in the “Raads Commissie Onafhankelijkheid voor Aruba” (RCOA) between 1983 and 1985, where the constitution was prepared for Aruba’s Status Aparte in 1986.

He also served four years (1981 to 1985) as a board member of the Protestantse Gemeente van Oranjestad, and currently is a board member of the Piedra Plat Protestant Church, and of the Central Protestant Church of Aruba.

Norman L. Kuipéri enjoys researching Aruba’s economy and financial status, and has written many articles published in the local newspapers. He has a very strong belief that the financial challenges currently facing Aruba can be reversed and put on the right track for the Aruban people with the help of local businesses.

Norman was also an active member of the board of StimAruba.  For three years, every Sunday, he walked around the island, gaining knowledge of the flora, fauna, and many historic sites. Norman enjoys outdoor activities like snorkeling and is passionate about taking and organizing walks in the Parke Nacional Arikok.