Kalli De Meyer leaving

After a more than a decade, Kalli De Meyer has stepped down as Executive Director of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA). Founding manager of the Bonaire National Marine Park, De Meyer was hired in 2005 to set up a regional network of protected areas and over a decade of exemplary service has helped to establish DCNA as an example to the world of nature conservation.

De Meyer worked alongside many current and past voluntary DCNA board members during her tenure, jointly building a unique mechanism of inter-insular cooperation for park management support and nature conservation in the Caribbean. Secured a ten-year subsidy agreement with the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and successfully established a Trust Fund aimed as securing a sustainable financial future for the region’s parks.

Foto: Roy Beusker

Kalli De Meyer receiving cheques from Judith Lingeman, Dutch Postcode Lottery on behalf of DCNA

Supported by island park management authorities and DCNA Board members, De Meyer spearheaded efforts to build ties not only within the Dutch Caribbean, but regionally and nationally, developing strong working relationships with the Dutch Ministries and top tier conservation organizations such as IUCN, Vogelbescherming and WWF. Under her leadership DCNA became a beneficiary of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, which has resulted in contributions of over Euro 10 million to support nature conservation in the region.

The park management authorities and Board members of DCNA are grateful to her for her years of service and hope that her experience and expertise will continue to benefit the interests of nature conservation in the Dutch Caribbean.

DCNA Board at their April 2018 meeting on Saba

The structure and governance of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance are currently undergoing a much-needed modernization. This process is quite fundamental and designed to improve DCNA’s services to its members, the six park management organizations in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands. DCNA is keen to ensure its readiness to jointly address growing conservation and climate change challenges in the region and to intensify cooperation with various actors and partners in the European Netherlands, Caribbean and elsewhere.

The Board of DCNA is in the process of selecting a successor and looks forwards to announcing the successful candidate shortly.

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