National Committee of The Netherlands

Green-throated Carib

(Eulampis holosericeus)

Photo credit: © SHAPE

IUCN NL is the Dutch national committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization. IUCN publishes the Red List of Threatened Species and is the only environmental organization with official UN Observer Status. Within the international umbrella organization, IUCN NL works with NGOs, companies, governments and scientists to strengthen human wellbeing through worldwide nature conservation. IUCN NL’s activities focus on three themes: green international cooperation, greening companies, and restoring and conserving nature. IUCN currently has 39 Netherlands-based member organizations.

IUCN NL is a founding member of the Dutch Partner Group and the project holder for DCNA’s annual subsidy from the Dutch Ministry of the Interior. They have strongly supported DCNA’s relationship with the Dutch Postcode Lottery and have worked hard to build political support for nature conservation in the Dutch Caribbean. IUCN NL was joint project holder with DCNA on a three year long Lottery funded initiative entitled “We ARE the world” supporting ecosystem restoration which included a conch restoration initiative in Lac on Bonaire

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