ICRI Environmental Economics Workshop

ICRI Economic Valuation Workshop

Date 16-18 September 2014
Location Bonaire

This environmental economics workshop, or correctly “The Implementation and Effective Communication of Ecosystem Services Valuation Studies in the Caribbean”, held on Bonaire from the 16th to the 18th September 2014, was developed with Nicolas Pascal, the president of the ICRI ad hoc Committee on Economic Valuations for Coral Reef Ecosystems and Esther Wolfs, Director of Wolfs Company.

The workshop was designed to help the participants understand how and when to use Ecosystem Service Valuations (ESV).  To this end, participants were asked to provide one or several policy questions that were addressed by ESV in their countries.

Copies of “Coastal Capital: ecosystem valuation for decision making in the Caribbean” by Richard Waite, Lauretta Burke and Eric Gray was made available to attendees and this document was used as a reference text for the workshop. The workshop came about as a result of the ICRI regional meeting held in October 2013 in Belize City.

The detailed agenda for the workshop can be found here.

Visit ICRI’s website here for information on the regional meeting in October 2013 and/or to download a copy of the Terms of Reference for the ad hoc committee.


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