Bervoets to Leave Position as Director of DCNA 

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The Director of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) Tadzio Bervoets will be stepping down from his position as of the end of September.   

With a heavy heart I’m announcing that I will not be renewing my position as the Director of the DCNA. For three wonderful years I have had the opportunity to lead this wonderful organization with the most dedicated Board and team members I could have ever hoped for. I will also continue to support the DCNA Network and its member organizations to the best of my ability”, mentioned Bervoets. He will be returning to his native Sint Maarten.  

The DCNA regrets that they will lose a skilled and passionate employee with the departure of Tadzio Bervoets, but the organization has no choice but to respect this personal choice. “We would like to thank Tadzio for everything he has done for the DCNA, its members and the nature in the Caribbean,” said DCNA President Dr. Mr. Hellen van der Wal, “and we wish him best of luck and success on his new adventures. We are sure that our paths will cross again and that cooperation will continue in another way.” 

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) is a regional partnership of conservation organizations, including the national parks on the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten) and is intended to support and strengthen the nature on the islands. 

The purpose of DCNA is to protect the extensive biological resources and promote sustainable development of the natural resources of these islands, both on land and at sea. To do so, DCNA is developing sustainable funding sources such as a trust fund, building capacity through training workshops and promoting the overwhelmingly beautiful and unique nature, ranging from exuberant rainforest to coral reefs and pearl white sand dunes. 

Photo from left: Former DCNA Director Tadzio Bervoets, Office Manager Emeray Martha-Neuman, Research and Communication Liaison Tineke van Bussel, Project Officer Dahlia Hassell and Office Assistant Judy Thode.

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