Funding for “Kids for Nature” initiative

One of the recommendations of an Education workshop held on Bonaire at the end of last year was for the DCNA Secretariat to work on the development of a unified after-school programme of kids activities (“Kids for Nature”) for the whole Dutch Caribbean. Eventually we hope this would mean that kids from one island could get credits by attending sessions and activities on other islands and that the programme would lead to basic vocational training for island children (such as a Junior Ranger programme).

We just received the awesome news that we have been granted Euro 17,300 by the Comite Koninkrijksrelaties to spend this year on the development and pilot testing of this programme.

This means that we will be collecting and collating information on our own parks’ after – and out of school activities for kids. We want to use this together with information on any other similar programmes to develop a prototype Dutch Caribbean after-school activities initiative which we will review at our October 2011 Board meeting.

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