Dutch Postcode Lottery supports DCNA

stichtingDOENThis year, The National Postcode Lottery is paying the record amount of 270 million Euros to 83 charity/nonprofit organizations. This was announced at the yearly “Goed Geld Gala” organized by the Postcode Lottery in Museum Singer Laren in the Netherlands. Her Royal Highness Princess Maxima of the Netherlands was a special guest at the Gala and commended the work of “Goede Doelen” of which DCNA is a member.

By playing in the Postcode Lottery in 2010, 2.5 million people in the Netherlands contributed directly to these organizations, the so- called “ Goede Doelen”. By growth of the Postcode Lottery in 2010 it will become possible this year to support even more organizations and pay extra contributions to the present multi-year beneficiaries.

A big surprise at the Goed Geld Gala was for two organizations: STOP AIDS NOW! and Stichting Doen & the Nature and Environment Federations. They received a very generous contribution out of the Dream fund of Postcode Lottery, which allows the organizations to realize an innovative and groundbreaking project. The mission of STOP AIDS NOW! is to completely exterminate the aids disease. The organization receives the amount of 8.8 million Euros from the Postcode Lottery and this will finance a project in Swaziland to stop the spread of this disease.

For DCNA the generous contribution of the Postcode Lottery means that they, together with the park organizations of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten, can continue to safeguard the fragile yet beautiful nature in the Dutch Caribbean.

2.5 million people in the Netherlands together raised 270 millions Euros for charity organizations

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