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The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) has launched its brand-new website. In a press statement released by the non profit nature conservation network created to safeguard nature in the Dutch Caribbean, DCNA gave various highlights on how its new website will facilitate information exchange not only between the members of the nature conservation network but also to the general public.

In a departure from the previous website, the new website will feature various interactive information portals which will make information exchange on nature conservation, management, research, monitoring and educational projects within the Dutch Caribbean much more accessible.

Interactive news platform

On the new website readers you can find the latest nature news with a focus on research and monitoring projects coming out of the Dutch Caribbean through a fully interactive news platform named (Bio)News (https://dcnanature.org/news/), also optimized for viewing on mobile platforms. While the website in itself will be in English the various nature news items will be translated into Papiamento, Papiamentu and Dutch and available on the website. BioNews is kindly supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Nature Conservation in the Dutch Caribbean

An interactive overview of active research and monitoring projects in the Dutch Caribbean will also be featured and readers will be able to learn about the members of the DCNA Network and the DCNA Secretariat. An overview of the various Nature and Conservation legislation and educational projects for all six islands of the Dutch Caribbean will also be accessible. Visitors to the site can also access nature and conservation data through the linking of regional databases, including from the Dutch Caribbean Biodiversity Database (DCBD), and links to websites from DCNA members and partners. Documents specific to DCNA such as the Management Success Reports for the Protected Area Management Organizations for all six islands can also be found in addition to ways in which residents and tourists can be involved in conservation on their respective islands through job vacancies, volunteering, recording nature sightings and potential partnerships.

I would especially like to thank the contractors; Bram Perry, Deviate Design, and Coastal Dynamics, for their help in developing the website as well as the contributors to the DCNA Photobank which helped us showcase the Dutch Caribbean’s beautiful nature on our new website. We hope you will enjoy the new website and learn more about nature conservation in the Dutch Caribbean. commented Tineke van Bussel, DCNA Research and Communications Officer and project lead for the new website development.

The new DCNA Website www.dcnanature.org, has been made possible through the continued support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery.




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