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On November 9th, 2022, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) was invited by the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Kingdom Relations to participate in a round table discussion in the House of Representatives. This round table discussion focussed on Sustainable Development in the Kingdom. The purpose of this conversation was to hear more about the Dutch Caribbean islands’ challenges in dealing with climate change. Also, possible solutions were explored. The focus lay on the role that the Dutch government could play in supporting the six islands.

Round table discussions consist of several sessions. DCNA was invited to the session on nature management and climate protection. In this part, Dewi Zloch from Greenpeace Netherlands, Daphina Misiedjan from the International Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Dolfi Debrot from Wageningen University & Research spoke as well. Irene Kingma, DCNA’s policy and public affairs advisor, spoke on behalf of the DCNA.

In the DCNA intervention we emphasized 3 core conditions that are essential to us for dealing with the climate crisis.
These are:
1) Structural funding for the core tasks of the Park Management Organizations on the six Dutch Caribbean islands
2) Sufficient budget for the second phase of the Nature and Environment Policy Plan BES (NMBP-BES). It is also necessary to look for ways to involve the CAS-islands in this policy plan.
3) Representatives from all six islands should be involved in discussions about tackling the climate crisis.

Would you like to re-watch the debate?

Watch the following link: https://debatgemist.tweedekamer.nl/debatten/duurzame-ontwikkeling-het-koninkrijk

More information

DCNA’s position paper on this topic and DCNA’s Climate Action Plan can be found here:

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