Caribbean Waterbird Census Workshop


The Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC) Workshop held on 13th – 16th January 2015 is part of an initiative being led by BirdsCaribbean (formerly SCSCB) aiming to build capacity for waterbird and wetland conservation in the region.

The Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC) Program—a partnership of Caribbean organization, communities, and individuals —was established to study, monitor and conserve migratory and resident waterbirds and the wetland habitats they need to survive. Despite significant successes there are still large gaps in our knowledge about important wetlands regionally, including the wetland birds populations on Bonaire and Curaçao.

The workshop is being run by Dr. Lisa Sorenson (Conservation Ecologist, Boston University, WIWD and Wetlands Conservation Project Coordinator) and her co-facilitator Jeff Gerbracht (Lead Application Developer for Neotropica Birds at Cornell Lab of Ornithology).

It provides training and materials to support waterbird monitoring, encouraging and enabling participants to implementation the Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC) and related monitoring in the Dutch Caribbean.

The workshop presents information on monitoring protocols and practice in the implementation of basic methodologies during field trips to Curacao’s wetlands.

Topics covered in the 4-day workshop include:

  • Overview of the Caribbean Waterbird Census (structure, implementation, and
  • Field training in counting waterbirds and monitoring wetland habitats and the
    four levels of monitoring included in the CWC
  • Census techniques and field surveys, with intensive survey efforts in wetlands,
    salt ponds and beaches with large populations of migratory shorebirds
  • Developing a strategy for the use of citizen scientists (volunteers) in bird
    monitoring and conservation
  • Building sustainability of the census
  • Data entry and use of e-bird as a data storage platform for bird observations


Agenda: draft workshop agenda can be downloaded here CWC workshop agenda

Flier: description of the workshop can be downloaded here: CWC workshop flier

Curacao wetlandTogether with BirdsCaribbean, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, CARMABI is pleased to be able to host this exciting opportunity for professional development.


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