Building a Geographic Information System

DCNA GIS user manualDCNA has recently wrapped up its second GIS workshop of 2011. We have now held three GIS trainings for 16 participants from all six Dutch Caribbean islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten). This time we came back to the ABC islands to see how participants from our one-year removed and first-ever GIS training were doing with the powerful mapping and data analysis tool.

For the workshop we unveiled a Dutch Caribbean GIS User Manual that guides our islands’ nature managers step by step through relevant GIS skills while using their own data in ArcGIS and Google Earth Pro. The manual is a tremendous asset to those starting out or those continuing to build their GIS skills.

Along with building park capacity, at the DCNA Secretariat we have spent the past six months addressing one of the biggest concerns in terms of GIS use – lack of access to reliable and usable data. With the help of Eseld Imms, Fernando Simal of STINAPA Bonaire reviewing a vegetation map of Bonaireour new GIS expert, and many others we have cleaned and put together all of the basic geographic data that we possibly could for the islands. This information, now cloud-shared with six islands gives a solid base in which to grow our GIS and connect it to our monitoring efforts.

For more information on DCNA’s GIS work, to receive a copy of our new User Manual or a complete set of our data just send us an email at

View full workshop report here

During the workshop, Kate Walker of STENAPA mapped the highly endangered Statia Morning Glory on St. Eustatius

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