BioNews 22 – February 2016

BioNews is a monthly newsletter by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), focusing on the biodiversity research and monitoring in the Dutch Caribbean. BioNews presents you with an overview of the on-going research and monitoring efforts and provides a regular update on what’s currently happening on our islands.

Conservation is all about lasting results, and in this edition of BioNews, we examine several research, monitoring and nature education projects that focus on the maintenance of the Dutch Caribbean’s biodiversity for the long-term.

We first present the results of a study on the drastic decline of feather stars on the reefs of Curaçao and Bonaire. The other research study we profile in this edition considers the potential impact of climate change on calcifying algae and how this would affect the Caribbean region’s shallow bays and lagoons in the future.

On Saba, we put the spotlight on the award-winning event Sea and Learn, which is helping ensure long-term environmental education on the island. We also present the outcomes of the Agoa Sanctuary Management Board Meeting and how cooperation between the Agoa sanctuary and the recently established Yarari Marine Mammal en Shark Sanctuary is helping ensure the continuity of marine mammal and shark conservation work in the area.

We also have great news to share from our windward islands: the much awaited humpback whales have returned for their yearly stay, and several monitoring projects have been put in place to ensure that monitoring of these whales carries on for many years to come.

We would like to thank our partners, conservationists and scientists for their invaluable input and support. We hope you will enjoy reading BioNews!

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