BioNews 21 – January 2016

BioNews is a monthly newsletter by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), focusing on the biodiversity research and monitoring in the Dutch Caribbean. BioNews presents you with an overview of the on-going research and monitoring efforts and provides a regular update on what’s currently happening on our islands.

This first issue of 2016 puts the spotlight on how the biodiversity of our islands is adapting to mounting environmental pressures, both internal and external.

We first present some exciting preliminary results from the third Saba Bank Research Expedition, which was conducted in October 2015 by a team of experts from IMARES and several other institutes. The expedition was the third and last of the Saba Bank Research Program and focused on how the Saba Bank’s rich biodiversity is being affected by ocean acidification. We look forward to bringing you more results and findings from this research program in our next Bio New issues!

Next we profile a NWO and KNAW funded project from the Netherlands, “Biogeography meets the Anthropocene”. This study was recently launched to investigate how invasive species and land-use changes affect the species communities of the Dutch Caribbean Islands. The first field expedition took place in the summer of 2015 and focused on reptiles and amphibians. Keep an eye out for information on other recently launched NWO funded projects in coming issues of our newsletter.

Also in this issue are details about the first ever sighting of a pied water tyrant within the Kingdom of the Netherlands as well as the outcomes of the 12th meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Inter-American Sea Turtle Convention (IAC).

We would like to thank our partners, conservationists and scientists for their invaluable input and support. We hope you will enjoy reading BioNews!

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