Biodiversity Strategy Workshop

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On Tuesday 17th December 2013, RCN/DCNA held a “Biodiversity Strategy workshop” on Bonaire.

The finalisation of the Biodiversity Strategy was put on hold at the beginning of 2013 to allow stakeholders to focus their efforts on completing the Nature Policy Plan for the Caribbean Netherlands islands of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. With that now completed we have one last chance to wrap up discussion on a Biodiversity Strategy for the region.

This workshop was the culmination of over two years of deliberations and debate by local government and NGO representatives from around the Dutch Caribbean on biodiversity and biodiversity monitoring.

At the moment the Biodiversity Strategy document is under review. A dedicated webpage with an overview of the tasks and deadlines ahead has been created to track the progress.

As a reference, you can download the latest version (ver.10.2) of the draft document here.

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