Aruba Birdlife Conservation


ORANJESTAD — Aruba Birdlife Conservation, a young and dynamic nature conservation organization has just launched a spectacular new website to showcase and build awareness of Aruba’s birds and other native flora and fauna. Visit their new page to show your support.

Press release from Aruba Birdlife Conservation

“Wednesday, January 30th, 2013 is a very special day for Aruba Birdlife Conservation. The board of the foundation is happy that its website was launched.  The website is, among others, intended to improve awareness of the beauty Aruba’s bird wildlife has to offer and through such inspire the leaders of our nation to protect it for future generations to come.

Photo: from left to right: Stanson Tromp, Maxime Fraser and Ayrton Tromp.

The website is for young and old and for locals as well as guests, but above all for our teachers, students and pupils. The location chosen for the launch is no coincidence, a school library.

Three nature loving teenagers were invited to perform the launch: Stanson Tromp, Maxime Fraser and Ayrton Tromp. Maxime and Stanson are pupils of Colegio Arubano and Ayrton is a pupil of the La Salle College.

The site contains photographs of one hundred and five species of birds. All photographs of the website are taken in Aruba. A beginning has also been made with other fauna to be found in Aruba. In the months ahead, flora will also be added. Besides a library and news, attention is also given to work carried out in the field. The website is a work in progress and new pictures and information will be added on a weekly basis. The website also gives the opportunity to contact the foundation. Constructive feedback on how to improve the quality of the website is most welcome.

The website is a milestone for the foundation based on years of voluntary work, supported by many. Special gratitude goes to Richelle van Dungen Gronovius who has played a pivotal role in the coming about of the site.”


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