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2021 DCNA Convention

Between November 23rd and the 27th, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) held its annual Nature Convention on Curaçao.  Due to covid-19 restrictions, the last conference had to be held virtually, so all participants were eager to meet face to face again.

Throughout the week, the Dutch Caribbean park authorities met to discuss critical issues affecting their parks.  The conference focused on three main topics:

Governance in Times of Recovery

Increasing Resilience to Climate change

Improving Youth engagement


This conference was the perfect opportunity for all six Protected Area Management Organizations of the Dutch Caribbean to discuss how to strengthen strategic nature management policies for the coming years. In addition, the Patron of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance, Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands was also in attendance.

Below is a recap of the conference, enjoy!


Convention Workshops


During the convention there were three workshops held on the following projects.  Learn more below:

Automatic Species Recognition Tools

With this project, the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Observation International will work together to create image recognition for the animals and plants found on the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean. This image recognition model will be aimed at the marine and terrestrial species of the Dutch Caribbean and will be made available via the internet and an app for all observers. In addition, the observations will be reviewed by an active validator team for quality control. These activities will lead to more observers, more sightings and a higher quality of data in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

During the DCNA convention, a workshop was held to set-up and train a local validator team. Click here for more information >

Climate change and governance in Indonesia and the Caribbean: A pilot program on marine protected areas (MPA’s) and coastal nature reserves

KITLV, NIOO, NIAS, and WUR joined forces in a KNAW-funded interdisciplinary study of the impact of climate change on social-ecological systems (SES). A consortium including Indonesian and Caribbean partners in academia and NGOs will co-create and implement pilot research in four coastal zones in these two tropical archipelagoes. Concretely, it seeks to write a joint ecological and sociopolitical history of selected protected areas in both regions and its effects in the present.

Click here for more information >

DCNA 2030- Strategy sessions

During the convention, the DCNA held two halfway strategy sessions with the board to align around a shared vision and core competencies, sharpen understanding of the trend and future challenges and build commitment towards the organization’s direction to achieve their collective aspiration.

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