Your Regional Partner
for Nature Conservation
in the Dutch Caribbean

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance is a nonprofit organization created to safeguard nature in the Dutch Caribbean through supporting Protected Area Management Organizations.


(Coereba flaveola)

Photo credit: © Kai Wulf

DCNA’s network

The six islands
of the Dutch Caribbean

The Dutch Caribbean consists of the Windward Islands of St. Maarten, Saba, and St. Eustatius and the Leeward Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao. The pristine nature of the Dutch Caribbean contains the richest biodiversity in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The diverse ecosystems are a magnet for tourism and at the same time the most important source of income for residents of the Dutch Caribbean. Nature on the islands is unique and important but it is also fragile.

The lack of sustainable funding, policy support and adequate spatial planning pose the most significant threats.

Safeguarding nature in the Dutch Carribean

Goals of the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance


Support and assist efforts of Park Management Organizations to secure sustainable sources of funding for nature conservation, both for themselves and collectively.

Capacity Building

Promote and facilitate permanent dialogue, knowledge exchange, training and cooperation between the Park Management Organizations and to strengthen their nature management activities.


Assist Park Management Organization with representation and advocacy. Promoting awareness and creating the sense of urgency to support park and nature management and actions to address global conservation challenges to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

Biodiversity Knowledge

Provide online access to information on biodiversity and conservation management and encourage information exchange.

Education & Awareness

Promote educational outreach and public awareness.

Content Management

Dutch Caribbean
Biodiversity Database

A central repository for biodiversity related research and monitoring data from the Dutch Caribbean.